Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warne Marsh - Yardbird Suite - Transcription and Performance


Warne Marsh, he's easily one of the most gifted and under-rated improvisors of all time.  There's so much I could say here but I'd rather let the music speak for itself.  If you wish to learn more about Warne Marsh, I highly recommend this free e-book written by guitarist and one of his former students Jon Klopotowski.

The track "Yardbird Suite" comes from Warne's self titled album "Warne Marsh."  It can be purchased from Amazon or i-Tunes for a mere $4.  I highly recommend it.

Warne Marsh - Tenor Sax

Paul Motian - Drums

Paul Chambers Bass

Yardbird Suite (Audio)

Transcription in C Concert

Transcription in Bb Concert


  1. Fantastic TJ, great playing, beautiful solo. Warne lives!

  2. Ditto. Nice responsive-sounding piano too, T.J.!

  3. Thanks so much for the chart and for your masterly performance!

  4. Hey TJ. Really fabulous playing. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Warne's son. I've sent you a ping on Facebook too. I have a fan page there for a documentary I'm doing on Warne. Love to have you join the conversation. I think the project will really help spread the word about his music. The page is called Warne Marsh: An Improvised Life. Love to hear from you.
    All my best and again, fabulous playing. I've already posted the youtube link on the Fan page for the doc.

  5. Excellant and genuinely useful for any instrumentalist. More like this should be done.

  6. Very nice! Thanks for your review.


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