Meditations Vol.1 (2012)  -  T.J. Martley
T.J. Martley - Piano

Using an exercise inspired by Zazen meditation masters, I spent each morning of May 2012 practicing and recording a solo piano improvisation. The result is this album, Meditations Vol. 1, ten of my most favorite improvisations from the project.

"Meditations Vol. 1, one of the best albums released by a locally-based jazz musician in 2012..."  -

"This CD of piano solos is an album of trains of thought, musical impressions of the moment. Sometimes obtuse like Monk, consistently engaging, a close listen pulls you into the music’s appealing twists and complexity."  -  KCJazzLark

Subject to Change (2011) -  Steve Lambert Quartet
Steve Lambert - Tenor Sax
Tj Martley - Piano
Matt Leifer - Drums
Seth Lee - Bass

Enjoy some great recordings and bootlegs of gigs over the past couple years.

Trio Live @ Bentons (2010)
Lennie's Pennies (Tristano)

Sam Wisman (drums)
Bob Bowman (bass)
T.J. Martley (piano)


  1. excellent T.J ...thank for shared.

    greetings !

  2. You have the best piano tutorials I have discovered on the web. I've bought a few, will buy more


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