Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meditations Vol.1 (Solo Piano) - T.J. Martley

Recorded May-April 2012
Art "albatrocity" by Nate Fors
Engineered by Allen Myers
Label:  Tzigane

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Available now on  CDBaby (mp3/physical)iTunes/Amazon (mp3 only), or signed copy direct from me ($10+$2 shipping anywhere in the USA, please specify signed or unsigned).  If you prefer high quality .aiff files instead of .mp3, donate $10 using the link to the left and I will send you a download link with uncompressed .aiff files and album art.  Please include the e-mail address you'd like the files sent to with your donation. 

Here's the entirety of the title track to "Meditations Vol.1"

I developed a genuine interest in the art of meditation after re-visiting piano guru Kenny Werner's book Effortless Mastery in early 2009.   Kenny's book, which explores relaxation and mindfulness, has become canon amongst musicians in recent years.  After reading the book and practicing his prescribed exercises, I decided it was important to explore other types and techniques of meditation.

One of the most of helpful and simple practices I explored was Zazen meditation.  I became immediately drawn to simplicity of basic breathing exercises paired with mindful meditation.  The biggest challenge was (and continues to be) finding the time.  Finally, after years of practice and many failures, I developed a way to incorporate meditation practices in to my daily piano regimen.  

I'm very excited to present my first solo recording project.  Using an exercise inspired by Zazen meditation practice, I developed a 30 minute daily routine to help improve my focus and relaxation.  After completing each meditation session I would perform a short free improvisation piece.  The pieces were recorded each morning over the course of May 2012.  The resulting album, "Meditations Vol.1", represents my ten favorite and most insightful tracks from the sessions.  I hope you enjoy listening to the improvisations as much as I did recording them!

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  1. Great work! I'm also a pianist and I practice meditation. It's improved my playing a lot too. Can't wait to read Werner's book. Thanks for sharing. Btw, love your YT channel.


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