Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lesson 23: McCoy Tyner Pentatonic

I've been inspired by McCoy Tyner's playing as long as I can remember listening to jazz.  Some of my favorite solos are on the later recordings of the "classic" John Coltrane Quartet with Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner.  My two favorite McCoy solos of all time are on "Song of Praise" from Live at the Half Note and "Transition" from the similarly titled album.  If you haven't heard either you are truly missing out on the wonderful energy and joy McCoy brings to every solo during this period.  I hope you enjoy this McCoy Tyner inspired line I wrote out for this week's lesson.

View the video of this lesson YouTube here:  McCoy Tyner Video Lesson on Youtube
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Get the .pdf in all 12 keys:  Lesson #23 in all 12 keys

Practice with the play-along below:
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If you haven't seen any of my previous lessons from this series, here is a recap on how to practice this lesson.

Turn on the metronome at a slow enough tempo where you can play the exercise effortlessly.

1) Play each hand as written while concentrating on hearing the melody in your head.

2) Play the L.H. as written while singing the right hand melody.

2b) An alternative to this step include pantomiming playing the right hand while singing. This helps connect the physical action of playing with your aural memory.

3) Sing the R.H. melody away from your instrument.

Was that not enough of a challenge for you?
1) Consider taking small sections you enjoyed through all 12 keys.

2) Practice displacing each phrase by half a beat, a full beat, or one and one half beats.

3) Practice improvising with the melody by altering the rhythms within each phrase.

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