Monday, December 31, 2012

Lesson #36: Blues Etude with Voicings and Worksheet

In this week's lesson we'll be taking a look at a Blues Etude I composed over a simple 12 bar jazz blues.  The accompanying worksheet will help you better understand how to write out and improvise shell voicings for the tunes you are currently working on.  I have written out voicings for the first chorus to give you a good model for writing out your own voicings.

View the accompanying worksheet for this lesson here:

For a review of two and three part shell voicings, check out these posts:
Two Part Shell Voicings
Three Part Shell Voicings

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Welcome to my YouTube series dedicated to helping you (and me!) become a better jazz pianist and improvisor.  In these videos of lessons, exercises, patterns and transcriptions we will work on concepts that I've developed in my own practice routine.  Dedicated weekly practice of these lessons will greatly improve your ability to listen and hear improvised jazz melodies.  

Topics covered:  
Voicings, Improvisation, Chromaticism, Bebop, Pentatonics, Diminished, Scale Theory, Modes, Patterns, Learning Tunes, Chords, Rhythm, Re-Harmonizing, Sequencing, Ear Training, Singing, Transcription and much more.

I love modern jazz piano.  I owe so much to great pianists like Bud Powell, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Lennie Tristano, Art Tatum and many more (most of which I've transcribed) for pushing the limits of the music.  I'd like to give a little back to the community by making these educational jazz videos.

All lessons are free to view in full screen on and many are purchasable to download/print for a very small fee.  

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  1. you are a Master of jazz . i would like to have a lead sheet but i live in Venezuela and my credit card does not work. we have problem whith the $ …


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