Friday, January 4, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #6 - Learning to Improvise - Jazz Exercise

This week's modern jazz line melody is based off of Lesson #28 "Modal Interval Pattern.  I took the pattern from Lesson #28 and sequenced it through a ii-V-I progression.  Once you've completed this learning this modern jazz line you can start experimenting writing your own lines based on the same or a similar pattern.

Here's the sheet music for this week's lesson:
Modern Jazz Line #6 .pdf

You can also watch the complete video playlist or view each individual lesson post.

I hope you enjoyed this free jazz piano lesson.  For updates on more jazz piano lessons and modern jazz melodies subscribe to my YouTube or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks for all donations, purchases of sheet music and signed copies of my CD.  Your support goes a long way to helping keep the site going and keeping me motivated to make videos.  Thanks for watching!

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