Monday, October 1, 2012

Lesson #28: Modal Interval Pattern (Dorian) "Free Jazz Lesson"

In this week's lesson we are taking a look at one of the first scales beginning improvisors learn.  One thing I remember as a requirement to Jazz lessons in High School was a copy of the Aebersold book "Maiden Voyage."  The reason being that it had a lot of opportunities for modal improvising.  The idea is that long vamps over one chord are generally easier for younger students to grasp and improvisor over.  While I don't necessarily agree with this approach, I remember being a big part of my early Jazz studies.

Interval exercises are a great way to start internalizing the sound of the modes you practice with.  I wrote out this simple pattern in all 12 keys for you to work with this week.  You don't have to be a jazz pianist to practice this free lesson.  Try it on any instrument!  Better yet, if you're not a pianist, use it as a technical exercise to get bet better on the instrument.  Every musician can benefit from working on piano playing.

Here are the intervals:
Ascending -  Up 4th, Up 4th, Down 5th, Down 2nd
Descending - Down 4th, Down 4th, Up 5th, Up 2nd

Check out the .pdf below to see this pattern clearly laid out in all 12 keys of the Dorian mode.  The left hand voicing in the free jazz lesson is built up in perfect 4ths, ala Mccoy Tyner.

Free .pdf of Scribd:  Lesson #28 .pdf
- click "purchase" to the right of the document to print and download.
YouTube Video Lesson Link:  Lesson #28 Video

Thanks for checking out my free jazz piano and improvisation lesson.  If you'd like to see more jazz lessons and videos, check me out on YouTube or click the "lessons" tab above for a list of all my free jazz piano lessons. 

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