Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Jazz Lesson #29: Modal Interval Pattern in 5/4

From last week's lesson:

"In this week's lesson we are taking a look at one of the first types of improvising beginning improvisors learn.  One thing I remember as a requirement to Jazz lessons in High School was a copy of the Aebersold book "Maiden Voyage."  The reason being that it had a lot of opportunities for modal improvising.  The idea is that long vamps over one chord are generally easier for younger students to grasp and improvisor over.  While I don't necessarily agree with this approach, I remember being a big part of my early Jazz studies.

Interval exercises are a great way to start internalizing the sound of the modes you practice with.  I wrote out this simple pattern in all 12 keys for you to work with this week.  You don't have to be a jazz pianist to practice this free lesson.  Try it on any instrument!  Better yet, if you're not a pianist, use it as a technical exercise to get bet better on the instrument.  Every musician can benefit from working on piano playing."
This week's free jazz lesson .pdf can be found here:  Lesson #29

This week we are taking the same pattern through the Lydian and Lydian Dominant scales.  I have also altered the rhythm to imply 5/4 time.  Take a look a the video link below to find great suggestions on how to practice feeling this pattern in "odd time."   Listen to and play-along with this free jazz lesson below. 

Here are the intervals:
Ascending -  Up 4th, Up 4th, Down 5th, Down 2nd
Descending - Down 4th, Down 4th, Up 5th, Up 2nd

YouTube Video Lesson:  Lesson #29 Free Jazz Video Lesson
Soundcloud Play-Along: Free Play-Along Recording
FREE .pdf of this lesson:  Free .pdf of Lesson #29

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