Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lesson #3: ii-V-I Pentatonic/Diminished Melody

I was inspired to write out this melody after watching Kenny Werner's DVD Living Effortless Mastery.  The idea is to write out a melody inspired by ideas or concepts you would like to have come out in your improvising.  By practicing the melody (in 12 keys), you're solidifying the concepts you're working on as well as the technique required to perform the them.

I usually try to write out a new melody each week or borrow one from a transcription I'm working on.  It helps me stay creative with my improvising and is a great way to keep things interesting in the practice room.  Just think of all the great ideas you would have if you did this exercise every week for a year!

Check out the FREE .pdf in the link below the video.

PDF Lesson#3 II-V-I Melody in 12 Keys

Check out Kenny's DVD Here:

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