Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lesson #4: Keith Jarret Plays Be-Bop

Here's a line a transcribed off of Keith Jarrett's Quartet record Bop-Be. I've always been a fan of the standards trio with Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette. Keith's approach to standards is so invigorating and fresh that I always am getting something new from his improvising. Even after hundreds of listens, I still have months where I don't even take Whisper Not or Live @ the Blue Note out of my CD player.

Here are some tips for practicing this line in all 12 keys:
1) Work out solid fingerings for each key if you are having trouble with certain chromatic passages. Don't be afraid to change them, but once you find one that works try to stick with it.
2) Play the right hand melody with simple root-third or root-seventh shell voicings. If you are having trouble, just play the root of each chord instead.
3) Always practice with a metronome. No one is judging you for playing slow. Speed up the tempo when you can play it effortlessly.
4) The last step is memorization. If you've been working slowly and thoughtfully you might have already achieved this. If not, try singing the melodies or visualizing the notes on the keyboard away from the piano.

I plan on making some practice tips videos later on. For now, enjoy the free lesson!

Lesson #4: Keith Jarrett Plays Be-Bop

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