Friday, January 25, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #9 - Bebop Scale Melody (ii-V-I)

This week's Modern Jazz Melody is inspired by the jazz bebop scale.  If you aren't familiar with the concept don't worry, we will be covering it more in future lesson.  Simply put, the bebop scale adds an extra half-step in between certain notes in order to make each scale tone line up with a basic chord tone for the chord your improvisor over.  Well, maybe that wasn't so simply put.  Barry Harris and Hal Galper are two piano masters at teaching the be-bop scale.  Check out the videos below to see what I mean.

Here is the accompanying video for Modern Jazz Line #9.  Be sure and follow the steps in the video to work towards mastery of this jazz melody.  Remember to work slowly and mindfully.  Don't ever try to rush effortless playing!

Get the sheet music to this lesson here:
Modern Jazz Line #9 .pdf

Sick of pentatonics and diminished patterns?  Here is jazz pianist Barry Harris explaining how to use bebop scales over John Coltrane's Giant Steps.

Here's another great video of Hal Galper talking about what melodic improvisation means to him using All the Things You Are as an example.

Check it out starting here:

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