Friday, February 1, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #10 - Large Intervals and Triads

Hearing large intervals, particularly descending 6ths and 7ths, have always been a big challenge for me.  For this week's Modern Jazz Line I've decided to tackle some of those tricky intervals using triad embellishment. Try to notice which intervals you struggle the most with.  You may want to identify these intervals for later isolated practice through all 12 keys.

The embellished superimposed triads for each chord are as follows.
Dm7 = FMajor Triad (i.e. 3-5-7 of Dm7)
G7 = AMajor Triad (9-#11-13 of G7)
CMaj7 = DMajor Triad (9-#11-13)
C6 = n/a

Sheet Music for this lesson:  Modern Jazz Line #10 .pdf

Follow the steps in the video below for mastery of this jazz lesson.

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