Monday, February 18, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #12 - Simple Pentatonic Melody

I hope you enjoyed watching the first 10 lessons from my Modern Jazz Line series.  In these jazz lessons I covered how to become a better improvisor using the ii-V-I progression as a guide.  The next Modern Jazz Line videos will cover the tri-tone substitution used in the context of a basic ii-V-I progression (see example below).  If you haven't read or watched my explanation of the tri-tone substitution you may want to check it out before continuing with the lesson below.

Introduction to the Tri-Tone Substitution: The Tri-Tone Substitution

Modern Jazz Line #12 in the key of C:

This week's modern jazz line is a simple pentatonic melody over a ii-V-I progression.  Below is a list of the pentatonic scales used for each chord.

Dm7 = F Major or D minor pentatonic
Db7 = Db Major Pentatonic
CMaj7 = C Major Pentatonic

Sheet Music for Modern Jazz Line #12: Modern Jazz Line #12 - Simple Pentatonic .pdf

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