Monday, August 25, 2014

Exercise #3: Ascending Chromatic Embellishments over ii-V (Jazz Piano Lesson)

In this jazz improvisation exercise we will begin to add context to our chromatic triad embellishments. In the video jazz piano lesson below we will play and sing through ii-V progression in all 12 keys.  In future exercises we will begin to look at how to apply what we've learned to the Jazz Blues progression.

Keep in mind, these exercises are not exclusive to jazz pianists.  All instrumentalists, even advanced ones, can reap the benefits of singing and playing through these improvisation exercises.  Remember to sing accurately and slowly through all keys.  Rushing through each exercise will only add frustration when you are trying apply these concepts later on.

A preview of the the 10-part .pdf download can be viewed here: Chord Tone Improvisation Part 1: Chromatic Embelishments (via  A download is available be clicking the "Add to Cart" button under the top right hand sidebar.

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