Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lesson #2: Herbie Hancock Diminished Line

Here's an excellent Herbie Hancock line I transcribed from his solo on Orbits by Wayne Shorter. The four measure line really epitomizes the chromatic style of Herbie during his time with Miles Quintet in the 60's. Orbit's is a free "time no changes" composition. Although there are technically no written changes, it sounded to me like Herbie was implying some sort of altered C7 sound in this part of the solo.

The free .pdf below list the transcription in all 12 keys. There are 3 groups which represent each line's relation to the diminished scale it is based on. You should technically be able to substitute any chord for any other within a group. However, keep in mind that the line selected for each chord is the best representation of the sound for that particular chord.

Practice slow, have fun and keep listening!

Lesson #2: Herbie Dim Line (PDF)

Check out the previous lesson here: Lessson #1: Alternative Scale Fingerings for Piano

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