Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#1 - Have You Heard? - "Tales of Another"

Led by bassist Gary Peacock (age 41 at the time of recording), this date marks the first studio recording of what would later be known as the Keith Jarrett Standards Trio. Tales of Another's moody modalism and crystal clear audio is classic ECM all the way. There was obviously special care taken to get Gary's mic perfect for the session. I've listened to almost every one of Jarrett's later trio ECM contributions and very few come close to matching the clarity of bass tone achieved on Tales of Another.  This album doesn't get much love from reviewers due to Jarrett's consistent vocalizations throughout.  Long time Jarrett fans are used to such distractions and should easily feel right at home from the start.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you're in for a great look at the beginning of one of the greatest piano trios of all time.

"Vignette" - 7:06
"Tone Field" - 7:58
"Major Major" - 9:05
"Trilogy, No. 1" - 8:34
"Trilogy, No. 2" - 9:46
"Trilogy, No. 3" - 6:20
Recorded in February 1977
All compositions by Gary Peacock

Gary Peacock - Upright Bass
Keith Jarrett - Piano
Jack DeJohnette - Drums

Favorite overall track:  "Tone Field" is a looking glass into future free explorations from the trio such as Always Let Me Go and Changes.

Favorite solo:  Jarrett's solo on "Major Major" is on fire!

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