Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Jazz Piano Lesson #20: Bud Powell Solo Break in 12 Keys

In this video we check out how to learn this Bud Powell melody in 12 keys using an aural approach.  Enjoy!

Step 1)   Sing and play the melody and the same time.  Play slowly to make sure that you are singing each pitch accurately and in tune.  You will want to play simple shell voicings in your left hand in order to hear the melody within it's harmonic context.  Repeat in all 12 keys before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2)  Sing the melody over left hand voicings without playing the right hand.  You can "ghost" the notes in your right hand if you are able.  Singing while ghosting, i.e. pressing a note down without making a sound, helps us combine the physical and aural approaches in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Repeat in all 12 keys.

Step 3)  Play the melody in the right hand without singing.  If you've completed step 1 and 2 honestly, this should be the easiest step.  You do this step with and without the L.H. voicings.

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