Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #16 - Modern Diatonic Melody - Inspired by Keith Jarrett

This week's modern jazz line is inspired after listening to Keith Jarrett's solo record "Staircase."  Jarrett's solo work is long lasting proof that you don't have to play "outside" to create moving modern melodies.

I hope you enjoyed watching the first 10 lessons from my Modern Jazz Line series.  In these jazz lessons I covered how to become a better improvisor using the ii-V-I progression as a guide.  The next Modern Jazz Line videos will cover the tri-tone substitution used in the context of a basic ii-V-I progression (see example below).  If you haven't read or watched my explanation of the tri-tone substitution you may want to check it out before continuing with the lesson below.

Sheet Music for this lesson:  Modern Jazz Line #16 .pdf

You can find a complete list of my jazz piano lessons here and watch the playlist for either Modern Jazz Lines #1-10 or Modern Jazz Lines #11-20.

Introduction to the Tri-Tone Substitution: The Tri-Tone Substitution

Modern Jazz Line #16:

Learn how to practice this jazz piano lesson:

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