Friday, September 6, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #27 - Everything I Love - Jazz Piano Lesson Exercise Etude

Sheet Music:  Modern-Jazz-Line-27-Everything-I-Love

This week's Modern Jazz Line is based off the opening motif from Aaron Parks' solo on the tune Everything I Love.  You can the find the album available for FREE right here:  Alive in Japan.

The rhythmic motif I used is fairly simple.  It consists of a quarter note followed by four sixteenth notes. For each repetition of the pattern, the opening note is displaced by one eight note.

The first grouping of sixteenth notes uses an arpeggio based off of the Bb Melodic Minor scale.  The selected notes imply an A7b9 sound to the VI chord.  The second set of sixteenth notes is a simple arpeggiation of the 3-5-7 notes of Dm7 that resolves consonantly to the 9th of the chord.  The final grouping of sixteenth notes is a turn based on C Harmonic Major.  The idea is immediately echoed by the left hand.

I hope you enjoy transposing this melody through all twelve keys.  Feel free to substitute any of the written left hand voicings for your own.

You may want to watch my Introduction to Modern Jazz Lines 21-30 before continuing with this lesson.

You can find my complete collection of Modern Jazz Line "How to Improvise" playlists below.  You may want to review these lessons before continuing with the series.  They will give you an excellent introduction to voicing and improvising over the ii-V-I progression.

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Sheet Music:   Modern-Jazz-Line-27-Everything-I-Love

Video Lesson:

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