Friday, October 18, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #29 - Bebop Displacement - Jazz Lesson - Piano

Sheet Music:  Modern-Jazz-Line-29-Bebop-Displacement

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In this week's lesson we will tackle some moderately advanced bebop chord tone circling techniques. I've made the exercise more challenging by displacing the resolution of a few of the target notes.  Take it slow and play the rhythms evenly as you learn how each dissonance resolves.

The target note for Cmaj7 ends up resolving on the and of beat 2 after being circled chromatically above and below.

The 9th of Am7 is approached by a half step below as it resolves on the and of 3.

The 5th of Dm7 is approached chromatically by two steps below and resolves on the 1st beat of the 2nd measure.

The 7th of G7 is circled by three notes starting with a half step below on the and of beat 1.  Then resolving on beat 3 after being approached by two half-steps above.

I also had the #5 of G7 in mind when writing out the last three eight notes of measure two.  Notice how it is circled using half steps.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this or any of my other exercises.

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Sheet Music:   Modern-Jazz-Line-29-Bebop-Displacement

Video Lesson:

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