Saturday, November 16, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #30 - Building a Modern Jazz Line - Lee Konitz Method Jazz Lesson

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This week's Modern Jazz line marks the final lesson in my I-VI-ii-V series.  You might recall that in Modern Jazz Line #20 I wrote out multiple lines to show the "evolution" of particular jazz line.  I wanted to do something similar with this lesson so I decided to take a page from the Lee Konitz play book.

I loosely based the 10 step method shown below on Lee Konitz's 10 Steps to Improvisation, an article I discovered when studying the music of Lennie Tristano.  The idea is to take something very simple and be able to mold it in a multitude of ways until you have something completely unique.  The eventual goal is to be able to achieve this level of creativity on a completely spontaneous level while improvising.  A goal worthy of an improvisor on any level!

Sheet Music:  Modern-Jazz-Line-30-Building-a-Modern-Jazz-Line-Lee-Konitz-Method

Video Lesson:

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