Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lesson #7: Diminished Pattern with Left Hand Voicings

Donwload Link for Lesson #7 .pdf

In last week's lesson we talked about how to play less patternistically while improvising with the Hexatonic scale. This week, we're going to be looking to do the opposite with the Diminished scale.. The symmetrical nature of the diminished scale lends itself quite well to patternistic improvisation. However, the improvisor should still always be careful not to overuse just one approach to playing over changes.

There are two basic diminished scales. They are built by constructing alternating half-whole and whole-half steps from any given scale root. For example:

C half/whole: C Db Eb F F# G A Bb
C whole/half: C D Eb F F# G# A B

The symmetry established by the consecutive half-steps and whole-steps means that it is very easy to transpose patterns within each scale. The example pattern shown in this lesson is based on the half/whole diminished scale. When the initial pattern is transposed up or down a minor 3rd, it will still contain all notes form the original diminished scale it is based upon. You can transpose a pattern up or down in minor 3rds up to three times before it starts repeating itself.

Sound complicated? It's really not once you start getting used to the concept. After learning the initial pattern from the .pdf, you should find the other two transpositions to be much less challenging.

Remember to take it slow, stay focused and try to play as effortlessly as possible.

Click here to download your free .pdf copy of Lesson #7

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