Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lesson #8: 1st Inversion Diminished Pattern with L.H. Voicings

If you have not watched/read Lesson #7, you may have trouble following this lesson. Please click here to do so before continuing.

In this week's lesson we take our pattern from Lesson #7 and invert it to get a completely new pattern. I learned this technique from my college professor. He was all about getting the "total mileage" out of every concept we would work on. This meant exploring all possible inversions, rhythmic variations, modal transpositions and articulations possible for each pattern. The goal of which is to eventually learn how to improvise with each variation on the fly. When you think in these terms, the possibilities are endless!

To invert our original diminished pattern we simply transpose the lowest note of the pattern up an octave. We then have a completely new pattern, which is really simply an intervalic variation (or inversion) of the original. As we learned in last week's lesson, we can transpose the new pattern up and down in minor thirds and all the notes will remain within the same diminished scale.

To created some rhythmic variation, I've added an anticipation to beat one of each pattern. This gives the pattern a better feeling of forward motion through the entire exercise. You may also want to try anticipating by two sixteenths or three. If you're having trouble thinking of this exercise in sixteenths, feel free to try thinking in eighth notes.

Download a free .pdf copy of Lesson #8

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