Friday, April 6, 2012

Lesson #9: 2nd Inversion Diminished

If you have not checked out the previous two diminished lessons, it would be helpful to watch/read them first:

Lesson #7: Diminished Pattern with L.H. Voicings
Lesson #8: Diminished Pattern in 1st Inversion

In this week's lesson, we take our pattern from Lesson #8 and transpose (invert) it one octave.  Unlike, the patterns from the previous two lessons, this pattern is not very common.  In fact, I'm not sure I've heard it before on a recording and I certainly don't remember transcribing it.

Whether you like this pattern or not, I recommend at least trying to give it a couple days of working out.  Transposing patterns (or "mental gymnastics" as I tell my students") is a one of the best ways of preparing your brain for more meaningful improvising.  Good luck!

In next week's lesson we are going to learn (review?) some basic left hand voicings for piano.

Sheet Music for this Lesson:  Lesson #9: 2nd Inversion Diminished Pattern

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