Friday, April 26, 2013

Modern Jazz Line #19 - Sequencing Seconds - How to Improvise

Stay tuned next week for a special Modern Jazz Line video celebrating our 3000th subscriber!

In this week's Modern Jazz Line we'll tackle a triplet based melody based on arpeggio extensions of each chords.  This is the first melody I've published that is written in the 3/4 time signature.  Be careful to count and make sure you're playing the rhythms correctly.  Any displacement should feel effortless, not forced or disjunct.

I hope you enjoyed watching the first 10 lessons from my Modern Jazz Line series.  In these jazz lessons I covered how to become a better improvisor using the ii-V-I progression as a guide.  The next Modern Jazz Line videos will cover the tri-tone substitution used in the context of a basic ii-V-I progression (see example below).  If you haven't read or watched my explanation of the tri-tone substitution you may want to check it out before continuing with the lesson below.

Sheet Music for this lesson:  Modern Jazz Line #19.pdf

You can find a complete list of my jazz piano lessons here and watch the playlist for either Modern Jazz Lines #1-10 or Modern Jazz Lines #11-20.

Introduction to the Tri-Tone Substitution: The Tri-Tone Substitution

Modern Jazz Line #19:

Watch the video lesson here:

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